Some Thougths on “MACEDONIAN” Security

καθηγητή ΑΠΘ

Let us start from easily understandable facts

1. The dogma of “Pan-Slavism” and the attempt to reach the Aegean Sea, bypassing the Dardanelles, as formulated by Russia in 1870, enforced directly on the region of Macedonia by Bulgaria around 1900 and indirectly by Tito’s Yugoslavia after 1945, is taking a new form of expression nowadays.

2. The inhabitants of FYROM are not descendants of the Macedonians of the classical ages (a well known part of the Greek race) but are mostly Slavs and Albanians. As admirers of a glorious past and assuming they are happy to disdain the local ancient race of the “Dardans”, they can at most call themselves “New Macedonians”.

3. They live in an area a small part of which constituted the northern (or upper) section of the geographical region – or administrative region during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras – historically known as Macedonia, which in its entirety included today’s established and EU-recognised Greek Regions of Central Macedonia, West Macedonia and East Macedonia. Thus their land may justly claim the geographical definition of “Upper Macedonia”, if not “Vardarska”, a name used for a long time before Tito.

4. Many Slavo-Macedonians of FYROM, who in fact speak a dialect of Bulgarian, have already obtained Bulgarian passports, an indication of their national affinity.

5. The intrinsic instability of FYROM is not due to the absence of recognition by Greece but a) to its effort to achieve artificial coherence as a state through aggressive nationalistic visions and b) to Albanian separatism, which is externally incited and controlled.

6. If the inhabitants of FYROM do not deserve the humiliation of changing their name, neither do the inhabitants of Greece deserve the worse humiliation of accepting the insult of the donation of their historic name to usurpers and, even worse, of coexisting within the Alliance with a co-member with the official aggressive propaganda of FYROM (“liberation of Thessaloniki from the Greek occupation” or similar rubbish).

Security is an internationally important issue that emerged after “9/11”. That shocking event proved that it is better to prevent than repair.

The current issue of the alleged “Republic of Macedonia” sooner or later will take its old form, i.e., the Slavs will demand to have access to the Aegean Sea through a virtual “Macedonian” nation. The issue may well take a subsequent form of security disturbances inside N. Greece.

In order to avert such disturbances, or any external pressures to rearrange boundaries or for regional reorganization, in a Machiavellian situation of “CRISIS GENERATION AND MANAGEMENT”, Greece has to take now a firm position and insist that the only acceptable solution for the naming of FYROM is either an ethnological characterization of “New Macedonia” or a geographical characterization of “North or Upper Macedonia”. This is the correct policy of the Greek Government today, in contrast to that towards Tito in the ‘40s. Such a policy will lead to the diffusion of both ideologies destabilizing the Balkans, i.e. that of a “Great Macedonia” and that of a “Great Albania”. The aforementioned pressures may originate from various directions as long as this issue remains open and exploitable by various parties according to their incidental interests and endeavors.

As far as the international community is concerned, a large majority, saturated since 1946 by the systematic propaganda of Tito’s “historians” and “fraud map” designers, are either bored by our delayed complaints or are cunningly joining the “diversive harassment” against us, orchestrated now by our eastern neighbor. Any form of destabilization of FYROM will automatically create transient regional chaos, exploitable by Albanian expansionism to a degree beyond that permissible (or controllable) by their protectors. This is a development which may effectively diffuse the issue of the virtual “Macedonian nation” and expose Albanian expansionism internationally. Nevertheless, the international community must indeed assist in averting that destabilization. But not at the cost of upsetting the present or future stability of Greece.

The modeling of long term international evolution is not as simple as computers may suggest, while it is historically proven fact
a) that a nation or a state, greater or smaller, like any living organism, with an inherent organizational-administrative-economic weakness or racial degeneration (of educational-health-demographic nature), will sooner or later feel the fatal disruptive influence of any minor factor and
b) that “Hybris” of any form is governed by Godly laws that regulate the evolution of all systems. Let us remain persistent, firm, moderate and most of all “healthy”!!!

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